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Dear CapFive Customers, We Are Now CMIT Solutions.

Some of you have been with us all 18 years, others for quite a while and while others are just joining us in the last few years.  What I love most in our customers is the incredible trust and loyalty that you have for our team.  I thank you for your commitment and I sincerely value you all. Please read the enclosed Press Release about what is going on at CAP5.

Today is a change in what is under the hood at CAP5.  All that means to you as our customers is that the systems that we use at CAP5 to run our business and deliver products and services to you are getting much more effective and efficient. There is no ownership change and the corporate body is still the same—Most importantly, you will be working with all the same techs that you know and love!  I have purchased franchise rights and partnered with the CMIT Solutions Corporation and system wise, this is a few of what they are providing CAP5:

  • Vendor & Partner Power – Deeper partnerships with our technology vendors and partners for stronger buying power
  • CMIT Packaged Offerings – these have been developed by the corporate CMIT R&D Team (https://cmitsolutions.com/)
  • Continuum Software – This is the engine that drives the our Managed Services offering so that we can keep your workstation and server systems functioning at peak performance. (https://www.continuum.net/)
  • AutoTask Software – This is the ticketing system that will replace our TIM Ticketing System that drives the services that our Techs perform. (https://www.autotask.com/)
  • SalesForce and Pardot Software – This is the systems that will allow our account management team to stay in better communication with you customers. (https://www.salesforce.com/ https://www.pardot.com/)

Other than the quality rising in how we deliver your products and services, the CMIT Logo will be on your invoices.

Here is the biggest reason I chose to go with CMIT:  Instead of me spending large amounts of money to upgrade our customer services and back office services, CMIT has purchased all these items for us franchisees and in turn, we pay them a small royalty compared to what it would cost me to buy and finance all that they offer.  From a dollars and cents point of view, this keeps the price of your quality services low and it keeps the strength of maintaining and building CAP5 Corporation high!

I hope this makes sense, but I strongly encourage any one of you to pick up the phone and discuss anything that you have on your mind with me.  I’m an open book as a lot of you know.  If you want the source, my door is open day or night!

Lance Griffith, CEO

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